Are you a ppsspp game lover.but dnt knw how and where to extract and compress your downloaded zip/rar file then you are at the right track, first of all what app is sultable for extracting and compressing your raw file (Z ARCHIVER) is a program for archive management. It has a simple and functional interface and it very easy and fast to extract and compress your file using it.
Features of zarchiver
- Multithreading support (useful for multicore processors);
- UTF-8/UTF-16 supporting in filenames. Allows you to use national symbols in filenames;
- No need for enabling multiselect mode. You can select files by clicking on the icon from the left of the filename;
This one’s easy:
Step 1) Download an app called ZArchiver for free from the Google Play Store
Step 2) Go to your Android file manager
Step 3) Look at the icons in the top right corner of the file explorer menu and tap the one on the far right
Step 4) Click Create
Step 5) Tap archive and choose which compression format you want – 7z, .zip, or TAR (7z and .zip tend to be the more popular compression formats)
Step 6) At this point, you can also choose whether or not you want to add a password to the .zip folder. You can also split the archive into multiple volumes.
Step 7) Tap the files that you want to add to the compressed folder and then tap the down arrow to create a compressed archive
If someone has emailed you a compressed file, then here’s some good news: extracting files on Android is even easier.
Step 1) Open ZArchiver and find the archived folder using the file manager
Step 2) Tap on the archive at which point you can choose to View the contents of the file, Extract a single file, or Extract all the files.

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