I knw many of you benzhub bloggers are facing some minor challenges with there computer and laptops so I took the trouble to go into findings and did some research on how I can help you guys solve your problem in the little way I can!,so the first problems faced by desktop and pc owners is,
Start up & shut down Too slow!
– Before startup: Disconnect USB devices, eject CD/DVDs first
– Before shut down: Close all active programs, disconnect USB devices, CD/DVDs
– Tune up Windows (remove malware, un-needed programs; run scandisk (chkdsk),
Cannot Shut Down/Restart
– See above, if all else fails, then Hold Down the power button, till it powers off
– Tune up windows
Cannot start: - the screen is black, no power in?
– Desktop: Check power cord, I/0 switch at the back (wait for an hour or so, if overheated)
– Laptop: take the battery out, plug in the power cord; repeat
– All else fails, contact the nearest PC or computer engineer.
– Right click the CD-drive, select eject won’t work either!
• If you are burning a CD/DVD, then you must wait till it automatically reject
• If the burning process is crashed/frozen, then, try ctrl-alt-del, highlight the
CD-burning program, and end it
Re-start PC (might have to manually power it off), at booting up, BEFORE
booting to Windows, press the CD-ROM’s eject button, take out quickly.
You must be able to do the following first (and actually do it) - before
going further!
Before you attempt any of possible solution - must first be able to
create a “System Restore Point”, at a minimum!
or better yet:
• Learn how to do back up:
1. Files/folders
2. Registry (- but do NOT fool around with the registry itself!)
3. Entire drive (program and all)
– If you have made a back up, then you can bravely and safely
experiment anything, and learn!
• Check Speaker connection/connector; power,
• Open various other music players, e.g.,
RealPlayer, QuickTime, and make sure all the
volume is NOT “Muted

• Download a small program and install it, SaveDeskIconPosEXE from:
– Just type in SaveDeskIconPosEXE in Google search to locate the program on
the net
• Run it
1. Right-click the “Internet Network Connection” icon in the SysTray (- right-bottom corner of Windows
Taskbar), click “Repair” or “Diagnose and Repair”, or
2. Click Start/Run/cmd; type ipconfig
/release all; ipconfig /renew all
3. In Win ME, Start/Run/winipcfg
4. Restart PC
5. If all else fails, try the following:
• Disconnect the power cord of the cable, or DSL Modem (- remove battery pack, if there is
any), wait for 1 to 1 min
• Plug back in the power cord, wait for 1 to 2 min. See if that works.
• If you have also a “Wireless Router”, remove its power cord, too, along with power cord of the cable/DSL modem. Wait for 1 to 2 min, plug back the cable/DSL modem
first, wait for 1-2 min; then plug back the power cord of the Wireless Router, wait for
1-2 min.
• Cross your fingers (both hands). If that does not work, reboot pc.
• If it is still NOT working, then repeat the power cord disconnect ritual
• Anything more serious:
– Download “XPTCPRep.exe” to repair the TCP/IP which can be downloaded/installed (- come to HWSIG, Tue 1-4pm with your pc, or give Peter connection
1. Try restart PC
2. Try use system restore to go back to an earlier date
3. Check modem status
• Control Panel: Phones and modems options
• Click the modem tab
• Click “Properties”, click Diagnostics
• Click Query Modem, if it comes back with a table of lines and numbers, the modem itself is function
(does NOT mean its physical connection is working, however)
• Click the “Driver’ tab, try rollback, update (better to have Modem CD with driver)
4. Re-install TCP/IP
• Locate the dialup dialer icon - Go to Start/Network connections
• Right click the dialup connector,
The AVG icon in the SysTray turns into one with ! - - Unsuccessful update:
– Error: Missing .bin:
• http://freeforum.avg.com/read.php?12,142806,backpage=,sv
• Uninstall/re-install
• wait for Grisoft’s fix
Alternative – my current recommendation (Oct 2008)
• Install ThreatFire
– Care-free, automatic update and scan
– It’s OK to uninstall AVG, Spybot, and AdAware
although having completely removed
them (- so was reported)
• Try go to Safe Mode and run the AntiSpyware/Antivirus programs (if they
• Turn off “System Restore”, Run AntiSpyware/Antivirus
Vista: Right Click my computer/properties/system protection, uncheck box
• Use ThreatFire instead of AVG, AdAware, Spybot – so far so good
Defrag does seem to finish after 8 hrs!
• Cancel it. Then run it in Safe Mode
First, make sure that you have the correct printer selected, when printing a documents
Within the Words doc, Click File/print
In the print manager box, make sure you have the correct printer selected
If your printer worked earlier, try to use “System Restore” to restore your windows to that
date ---------- • USB printer: Unplug the usb connector, and plug it into another usb port. Make sure it is securely connected to both sides. If that does not work, restart the PC
• Parallel printer: Make sure the printer cable is securely connected, especially the
printer side; restart the pc
If it still does not work, try the following (- make sure you have the original installation CD for the printer,
which contains the needed printer driver)
– Go to control panel/printers, and locate the printer icon for your printer; delete it, and
restart pc. The printer should now have a new driver and work properly again
– If that does not work, then we need to re-install the printer driver with that original CD!
– If all else fails: - Bring both of your printer & PC to the HWSIG (- if you don’t have the CD,
we could download it from the internet)
1. Missing “Quick Launch” option in taskbar’s menu
– Go to C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\quick launch
– Delete the the “Quick launch” folder, reboot your pc.
2. Missing “Msconfig”
– Download msconfig.zip from: http://www.thetechguide.com/downloads/msconfig.zip,
– Unzip to C:\Windows\System32
3. Missing “Search” and “Run

– Right Click Start\Properties
– Click “Start Menu”, Customize; Check proper boxes to display desired
4. Win Vista: - I can’t see thumbnails of my pics in “My pictures”
– Open a pictures folder,
– On the tool menu on top, find “views”, click the arrow next to it, slide the bar
upward to magnify the icons until thumbnails show
Internet Browser – Error message, Needs to close; or won’t go to internet
Easier fix:
• Revert it back to earlier version:
Control Panel/Add-Remove, or Programs and Features
“Repair Internet Explorer”, or, “Revert back to an earlier version”. Then restart pc.
Un-install Google Toolbar, and Yahoo Toolbar (due to possible update conflicts)
More advanced fix (- let’s do this together at the HWSIG, or call Helen):
• Click Start\run
– Type in regsvr32 /i shell32.dll press enter. If that does NOT work, then
– Type in:
» ie4unit.exe press enter
» repeat, and type in regsvr32 /I browseui.dll
» Reboot PC
• Repair Windows (2nd Repair; or Repair Vista) - Taskbar
– needs to edit registry (HWSIG)
• Let’s do this together at the HWSIG:
– Click Start >> Run >> Regedit
• Warning: Please backup your registry before making any changes
– HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Explorer\
– Delete the folder and reboot pc
Windows Media Player won’t open (- a tougher problem to fix, not for this
seminar either!)
– Error Message: "wmploc.dll version xx.x.x.xxxx expected, but version
yy.y.y.yyyy is present
Solution (HWSIG, if necessary):
– Open cmd.exe as an administrator and
– “C:\windows\system32\unregmp2.exe /UpdateWMP"
Note: Solution was found on internet
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