TWO primary school teachers in Ondo town, Ondo State, have been arrested over allegations of cutting the nails andtaking blood from pupils for ritualpurposes.Police sources hintedVanguardthat one of the teachers pretended to be helping two of the pupils to cut their fingernails and in the process deliberately cut their flesh and allegedly used tissue paper to take blood from the pupil’s injury.The suspect reportedly kept the blood-soaked tissue inside her hand bag.One of the pupils, who is three year old, reportedly informed her father what the teacher did to her.The father, according to police sources, confronted the suspect on what she wanted to do with the blood-stained tissue paper.Vanguardlearned that the matter was first reported to the Head Teacher by the pupil’s father, before lodging a complaint at the police station.The suspect, who was subsequently arrested, confessed and fingered her accomplice who teaches in another primary school in the town as the person who introduced her into the business.She reportedly confessed that she was lured into the business by another teacher, who she usually submit the blood-stained tissue and fingernails to in exchange for cash.The said accomplice denied the allegation and following the intervention of his lawyers and family members was granted bail, while the first teacher was detained.Police Spokesman in the state, Femi Joseph, confirmed the arrest of the suspects, adding that investigations were on.

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