Hello, Today am going to give tutorial on How To Download Blogger Templates For Free . some blogger template are for free while some aren’t free. A lot of bloggers didn’t want their own template be like others and that is not true except if you will rather design your own by yourself or get someone for that, if you want to design any blogger template I can help you design it.

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Follow the following steps to download any blogger template for free.

Firstly Go To Your Browser.Then Copy And Paste The LinkHere.Then will see something like this.

Preview of The Link.

So then you will put the URL of the blog, you want to know the template he or she is using. I want to use my former blog as example. The URL Is Gurufound.blogspot.comSo type it there and then you will click submit.Then you will see the source code of the URL you submitted.

Preview of source code.

So this is where am going to, in blogger Template the name of a template and the author will be written there and possible the URL to download the template will be there also. So what you will do now is to scroll down the source code. Till you see Blogger Template Style. It may be different from other template though.

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The Owner Of The Template

Now That you have known the name and the owner or founder of the template. What remains now is to google search. You will now type on google like this.

Download “the Template name” by “the author name” blogger Template.

That all. All what am sure of is that google will bring you the template there is no how it won’t be on google.

Note:- Some people already knew this style so they edit there blogger template by changing the name of there Template and the author so that people will not be able get it.

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