Some school teachers have found themselves in more trouble than they saw coming after they got their students pregnant.

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The Zimbabwean government has instituted unspecified disciplinary action against two Masvingo teachers, who allegedly impregnated pupils and rushed to pay lobola to avoid being charged.

According to Newsday, Provincial education director, Zedious Chitiga said the teachers, both from Fambidzanai High School in Bikita, were charged with improper conduct.

“We took action … The system responded swiftly to the cases. Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken against the perpetrators. That is all I can say for now. I cannot be specific at the moment, but the long arm of the law took its course,” he said.

Chitiga said the two educators were facing charges of improper conduct with pupils.

“We do not tolerate misappropriate conduct with pupils,” he said.

“We have dealt with many cases, not only at the school you are referring to (Fambidzanai). There are other cases of teachers facing various offences, some of which involve misappropriate conduct. Anybody found operating outside the professional conduct will be brought to book and will be dealt with accordingly.”

The matters came to light after parents petitioned the Primary and Secondary Education ministry over several cases of male teachers having affairs with students and impregnating and marrying them to pacify their gullible parents, who are ravaged by drought year-in, year out.

In the petition, parents claimed that six teachers from the same school were allegedly involved in the misdeed.

However, Chitiga said they only acted on two teachers.

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