Billionaire businessman, Aliko Dangote's depot, was resolved blazing on Thursday after Policemen emotionally involved to it, caused the demise of a lady, a pregnant female and her family in Onitsha, Anambra.


The smash up victim

A Facebook user, Ferdinand Izuchukwu Ezulike, has full to the collective networking platform and common photos and cassette of the commotion that happened down Onitsha/Owerri Expressway in Anambra affirm on Thursday after a pregnant female and her two brood who were frequent assist from hospice met their inopportune death.

According to an observer reporter, the thing was caused by around policemen fond of to the Dangote bond bus station in the sphere who absent their due dispatch to mount a barrier on the key side road anywhere they were allegedly extorting change from the motorists.

The tragic episode purportedly occurred once the policemen blocked a tricycle universally common as Keke Napep without expressive a car was approaching behind it, as the tricycle clogged as commanded by the policemen, the means of transportation which was before now in movement crushed mutually the tricycle, the pregnant female and her brood whom were about crossing the key road.

After the occasion happened, the policemen allegedly ran flipside to the Dangote Depot, their new obligation job someplace they tried to dodging from after as huge crowd that gathered around the field whom were lay out to assassinate everyone on uniform.

Few moments later, the Dangote bus station house which was formerly Amazu Motors was congeal afire by the livid mob.

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