President Uhuru Kenyatta: Worried by the electoral officer’s death.

Kenya’s electoral poll senior manager in charge of ICT who had been missing since Friday was found dead in Nairobi on Monday.

control alleged the carcass of Chris Musando, deputy ICT director of impartiality Electoral and Boundary costs (IEBC) and that of an unknown female were originate in Kiambu district and full to a metropolitan morgue.

The keep watch over had previous ruled out foul games after his vehicle was initiate parked in Roysambu, Nairobi.

Musando was one of the little dwell in with information on the position of IEBC servers.

His death came after he had reported to the police about death threats on him by unknown persons.

The electoral deceased believed on Sunday that the most recent e-mail the authority time-honored from Musando was an SMS passage sent to his colleagues at around 3 a.m on Saturday.

“The gratify of the textbook suggests that he was conscious and abundant discerning of its route for that day,’’ IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati assumed on Sunday.

Musando was one of the hardly any wand at the appointment with familiarity of somewhere the ICT servers were kept.

The family, however, reported the question to the police, axiom they may well not locate him since Saturday morning.

The incident, a tall bash to IEBC as Musando was to be in charge of a abstemious hurry programme on Monday to prove how transmission of fallout would be done.

It in addition came a week to the elections.

The electoral association has since put off the understated progress of consequences transmission system next the rapid loss of life of its ICT manager.

Musando had been on a native TV position for a musical anywhere he highlighted on their policy to transfer credible polls.

The family alleged his mobile phones were not accessible since Saturday while he curiously sent a idea to his husband motto he was pleasingly in the town centre.

No arrest, however, had been completed since, in malice of the three sundry mobile outline Musando had as of the persistent threats.

Police supposed they are moreover puzzled with the skirmish and an investigation has been launched.

The hottest event came after the electoral carcass sent birthplace its ICT director in May over claims of sabotage.

The Director for ICT James Muhati was sent on a required avoid by the charge next accusations that he had refused to cooperate in an ongoing review of ICT systems.

Though, Muhati was shortly reinstated.

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