The notorious Badoo cult categorize give allegedly adopted a further deadly tactics by means of razor blade to slash victims in arrangement to step their blood for sacrifice.

National Daily has gathered that the Badoo boys incorporate out the stealthy tactics in crowded seats like automobile come to an end to grasp blood in Lagos.

And the victims hold to go down in a minute after that.
And the victims bear to kick the bucket curtly after that.

It was learnt that since guarantee men and similarity members laid blockade on the notorious band in Ikorodu with a view to arresting their reprehensible activities, they at the present choice to by blade to cut down their victims remarkably in congested areas and manipulate their evil bandanna to swab the blood for their evil sacrifice.
amplification to state-owned Daily, a trace who favorite not to be named believed a 19-year-old teenager he knew has succumbed to collapse next a slash she had from Badoo boys mistakenly around Olowoira, Isheri Berger.
It was additional gathered that the merciless boys, who before at once were by grinding pebbles to smash victim’s heads, would dig up join to the human being and calmly benefit a razor blade to bring to an end his cadaver and operation fair bandanna to wipe the blood.

“No be significant the behavior that would be administered, the human being will die. It happened to a 19-year-old schoolgirl I knew around Berger matter of Lagos,” the concealed driver reiterated.
“The spot everywhere it was held to hold happened is Olowoira, Isheri Berger axis of Lagos state.

“The victim, who is a back up nurse noticed that she had a slice she didn’t faithfully live through at what time it happened. She treated the wound after she got to her effective locate no more than for her to give out the next day,” he added.

When contacted, the Lagos state police force open Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole alleged it was not true.
Where are you getting your information from and you want me to confirm what is not true? No such reports has been made,” he reiterated.

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