If your cell phones had fallen into water and  you need  instant  fix? You have to follow-up these tips and acquire it resolved. handset mistakenly fall down into the water at anytime or somewhere but be capable of been preset the moment it spray in the fill up in arrangement not to damage the phone.

How to fixed water damage Android Cellphones.

1. turning of the cell phone up as soon as if it isn't off before now and handle it uprightly.
2. instantly eradicate any protecting casing of the cell phone and disconnect your Sim certificate and recollection license from their slots.

3. Open the back of your phone and remove your battery, microSD card and sim card. Though, this is not possible for all phone models especially those with non-removeable battery.

4. Quickly use a clean cloth to clean your phone dry. Avoid spreading around, because that could push it into another opening.

5. Then, dip your phone in a zip lock bag of uncooked rice because rice is great in absorbing liquid and this is actually a common method for fixing or drying smartphones and tablets.

6. Let your phone dry for a day or two. Do not be tempted to switch it on see if it still works. You can put your Sim card in a spare phone.
7. After a couple of days, remove the phone from the rice, insert battery into the phone and switch it on. If your phone doesn't turn on, try charging it. If it doesn't charge, the battery may be damaged. You could try a replacement battery or better still, take your phone to a repair shop to be checked by a professional.
8. After it has turned on, still keep your eyes on it for few days, to notice anything that is out of the ordinary.
9. After this, your phone might have been revived back to life

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