KryptoMachine claims to be the biggest Bitcoin project on the internet! Stating that their goal is to grow their cryptocurrency assets as fast as possible and become market leaders in one year. They also claim to have a big team of experienced investors and developers and access to very powerful computing resources across the globe.

I’m not just here to criticise, I’m going to be factual, are you ready? Then continue reading…

Kryptomachine home page

MAIN Reasons why is a Scam

Domain Registered Last Month(August):  Take a good look at the image below, I had to look up their domain record and discovered it was registered just last month, on the 30th of August, 2017. This is a company that claims to bebiggest Bitcoin project on the internet! Maybe that point isn’t so strong enough, have a look at number 2.

kryptomachine whois

Fake Comments: When you visit the homepage and take a scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll notice there’s a facebook comment box that can’t be used, profile links aren’t clickable, nothing is.

Fake comments – kryptomachine

Complete Offer before Payment: So I tried requesting for a withdrawal and instead I got a popup with a message instructing me to complete an offer, why??
No SSL Certificate: we all know the importance of an SSL certificate, so why will “biggest Bitcoin project on the internet” as they claim not have an SSL certificate on their website.

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