- Father Ejike Mbaka has warned the south-east against seceding from Nigeria

- Mbaka said there will be more trouble for the Igbos if they eventually actualise Biafra

- He also argued that south-east is not being marginalised

Enugu broad priest, member of the clergy Ejike Mbaka, warned the colonize of south-east Nigeria against seceding from Nigeria as that may be in the lead to new concern for them.

Mbaka, who understood he disagrees with the claims that Igbos are mind marginalised held he is persuaded that if Biafra is finally actualized, the persons will play additional take pains than they are now facing in Nigeria.

He said: “If you think we have trouble in Nigeria now, we will see trouble in Biafra.

“No Anambra gentleman would consent to an Enugu gentleman be president, no Imo be in charge of would allow an Abakaliki guy be president."

Mbaka moreover warned that secession will have an effect on the Igbos added than it will fake individuals from other tribes.

He said: “No Hausa ego owns goods in Igboland. No Yoruba part owns home in Igboland.

“But 60% of businesses in northern Nigeria are owned by Igbos. 40% of businesses in western Nigeria are owned by Igbos.

Go to Sabon Gari in Kano and see what Igbos own there."

Mbaka said the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu's followers are "children of the poor" who know little of the implications of secession.

Meanwhile, NAIJ.com earlier reported that a cleric, Emmanuel Obinma, said that Nnamdi Kanu, is more prophetic than Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka.

Obinma the spiritual director of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry in Uke, Anambra state said, Kanu is more important to the people of the south-east than Mbaka.

speaking during one of his service, Obinma said, Mbaka has being a thorn in the flesh for the people of Biafra and Igbos in general.

You can watch this benzhub.ga video of an exclusive chat with Nnamdi Kanu:


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