October 29, 2017 – Aiye & Eiye Cult Groups In Bloody Clash In Imota Ikorodu Lagos, 5 Killed

Horror As Aye Cultists cut off somebody's head Meat Seller, Eiye Cult affiliate In Bloody Clash In Imota Ikorodu Lagos

At slightest 5 fill with died on Friday once a quantity of members of the dreaded Aye and Eiye cult groups engaged each one other in a payback fight.

The scene which happened in the wee hours of Friday the 27th of October around Night promote in Imota question of Ikorodu Lagos claimed the lives of five persons, plus a meat seller.

According to a supplier who witnessed the incident, a number of assumed Aye cult members engaged a quantity of Eiye cult members in a meaningful wrangle throughout the midnight and in the morning, they succeeded in overshadowing a part of the Eiye cult, meat supplier identified as Olaitan Omo Ibadan.

They allegedly beheaded him, located his cut off lead on a plate and dropped it on the road.

Residents were bearing in mind fleeing the theme for phobia of reprisal.

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