Nigeria News observes the continuous deportation of Nigerian asylum seekers from Cameroon.

Thousands of Nigerian asylum seekers in Cameroon are being forcefully returned against the treaty between the two countries.

Cameroon’s reputation is being questioned by the Human Right Watch as many Nigerian refugees are back home to face the terror of Boko Haram in the northeast Nigeria.

Cameroon’s decision is against the United Nations plea that no asylum seeker should be thrown out of his or her country of solace until there is peace and improved human right in his or her country of origin.

Though the Cameroonian Government had denied forcefully returning Nigerian refugees, some of the asylum seekers lamented that they were packed into waiting trucks like animals and brought to Nigeria border.

According to the HRW report, the returnee refugees were denied access to the UN refugee agency as they violently and forcefully deported by Cameroonian soldiers.

“The soldiers tell us to go back to our country and die,” one of the Nigerian asylum seekers said in the report released by the HRW in Abuja this week.

“The Cameroonian military’s torture and abuse of Nigerian refugees and asylum seekers seems to be driven by an arbitrary decision to punish them for Boko Haram attacks in Cameroon and to discourage Nigerians from seeking asylum,” said Gerry Simpson, associate refugee director at Human Rights Watch.

The report explains that many Cameroonians regard most Nigerian asylum seekers as potential danger that they are likely to be members of Boko Haram or wives of some of the terrorists.

“They called us names and even beat us. Some of us bled as they packed us into trucks like animals,” the refugees lamented.

According to the report over 70, 000 Nigerian refugees at the border of Cameroon were left to live in hunger. They have limited access to food and water.

Cameroon had enjoyed good reputation about keeping refugees safe since 1970s but the recent treatment may be as a result of series of attack on the camps of Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria by Boko Haram.

Perhaps the government of Cameroon is returning Nigerian refugees as a proactive measure from Boko Haram attack, which according to investigation are sneaking into the country.

Nigerian Army has not relented in its effort to flush out Boko Haram insurgents from their hidden places. After the troops invaded Sambisa Forest late last year, many members of the Islamic sect ran to the border of Cameroon and some other parts of northern Nigeria.

They turned to suicide bombers and disguised as innocent among the residents to perpetrate evil.

The lucky innocents who escaped being slaughtered by the terrorists ran to neighbouring countries where their women are violently and sexually abused. Their children are assaulted despite United Nations Human Rights policy to assist refugees.

Cameroon’s forced returns is against the treaty signed with Nigeria with the idea that refugees will not return until there is peace in the northeast.

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