AdSense Approval Trick has been a frustration for many bloggers from some part of the world like Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya and much more. However, there are still people who find it easy to get the approval in no time. It’s all easy to get approval for your blog if you follow the step-by-step guide on my blog. Let’s get started!.

So If you are reading this page, Then am very sure, you are in one of the following situations:

To get AdSense Approval for your Blog/Website.Use Adsense Approval Trick to make money by selling them.Replace your banned AdSense Account with this Adsense Approval Trick.To learn the easy process of AdSense Approval.

Now, without further ado, let’s get straight to the tutorial Adsense Approval Trick. Surely, before we get started, I will advise you get the following requirements before proceeding, so you don’t get lost with the step-by-step procedures:

Adsense Approval Trick Requirements:


A new BlogSpot/WordPress Blog.A new .com or .net Domain.A Computer.A new Gmail Account.A new Phone Number.

Now I believe you should be in possession of all the listed requirements, We can proceed.


Adsense Approval Trick Procedures

Step 1:  Create a new Gmail Address here.

Step 2: Make sure you use your valid Full Name and Address when creating the new Gmail, also a valid new phone number which has not been used to verify Gmail before. Now that you have your Fresh Gmail ready, you can proceed.

Step 3: Now you will have to create a new blog using the new Gmail Address, You may create WordPress Blog, but I will advise you go for a Blogspot blog because it’s free. Though you can get a free host for your WordPress.

Step 4: Now at this point, you decide a niche you want, I recommend you choose from the list of the following:

Health.Insurance and Banking.Web Development.Vehicles and Auto.

After choosing a niche from the list above, you will have to give your new blog a Title very related to the niche. (e.g: if you chose Web Development, your Blog title may be ‘Web Designing Hub‘). Then give the blog any URL.

Step 5: Install a premium responsive template/theme on the blog and arrange the blog widgets and include install some fancy plugins(WordPress).

Step 6: It’s time to get unique contents, the lowest number of post I used in getting my AdSense account was 16 unique posts, while the highest was about 40 unique posts.

Step 7: Visit and click on the niche you chose above, then copy about 20 posts from the niche and save somewhere.

Step 8: Go to any Article Spinner websites and Spin the article twice. It will spin the article and change almost all words to make it very unique. Save all the articles somewhere don’t publish yet.

Step 9: Get a .net domain; don’t use .tk .ml or other free domain extensions. Then link it to your blog.

Step 10: You will have to post the spun articles to your blog. Publish the posts now.

Step 11: Your blog should have 20 posts now, add your blog to Google Search Console. Then include your sitemap also. Wait for some hours after which Google bots must have crawl your blog and indexed its articles.

Step 12: You have to add all the compulsory pages required by AdSense, for all my approved blogs, I added only the About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policypages.

Step 13: Make sure you add your real name and address to your Contact us page, add up your blog link to various Social Networks and also forums and much more to get some backlinks, 2 – 3 will surely do.

Step 15:  Apply for AdSense using the same details you used in creating your Gmail Account; like the Full Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Step 16: After applying, you will get an AdCode to place after the <head> tag of your theme, copy the AdCode on the AdSense website to your blog and paste it.

Step 17: Wait for 2-3 days to receive the approval mail from Adsense!

That’s all; I hope this Adsense Approval Trick also works for you as it has worked for me 4 times out of 6. I did same procedures for all 6 blogs and 4 was approved.


Thanks for reading to the end. I believe you really enjoyed this post, 

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