Former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, has appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene to stop the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), from a “witch-hunt”.

Account issued by her media aide, Mr Belema Meshack-Hart, on Monday in Abuja, quoted Mrs. Jonathan as proverb that the EFCC was prosecuting a plot to tear down her family.

Meshack-Hart thought that the mean disposition of EFCC was portraying the organisation as an group for revenge.

Mrs. Jonathan, according to Meshack-Hart, in particular accused Ibrahim Magu, EFCC’s boss, of bias and intimidation.

He supposed that the EFCC boss was “spreading outright deception and propaganda against Mrs Jonathan in the family name of investigations”.

Meshack-Hart accused the EFCC of “unjustified witch-hunt”, proverb that no other earlier to begin with female had faced “such forward terrorization in the history of this country”.

Quoting Mrs Jonathan, Meshack-Hart said: “For practically three years, the EFCC has beamed its searchlight on me and my family members, counting my siblings and parents, as extremely as my Foundation and Non-Governmental Organisation.

“As a tradition, every initially female in this country has had one pet forecast or the other, with which they required to intervene in the lives of the minus privileged.’’

Mrs. Jonathan explained that she in progress her NGO in Bayelsa national 11 days ago, once her spouse was the chief of that State.

She thought that she has over the years, touched the lives of numerous Nigerians in special ways.

According to her media aide, “it is astounding that though other initially ladies and their pet projects were absent alone, it is simply her actions and that of her NGOs that are consciousness subjected to indefinite investigate and minute scrutiny.

EFCC has nastily associated Mrs. Jonathan to every one of kinds of fake chattels and properties around the country, he said.

“It has get here to a purpose everywhere every one of the magnificent edifices in Abuja, Yenagoa or docks Harcourt are offered to the media as belonging to Mrs. Patience Jonathan. She has been accused of owning numerous plots of secure in numerous cities across the country, as well as sitting room she has by no means visited.

“The on the whole shocking of the entire is that her meticulous relatives are self mistreated and their delicate properties are consciousness investigated,” the announcement stated.

It urged Buhari to intervene on the  significant to guarantee fairness for the past primary family and plus make certain that the EFCC’s dealings were not interpreted as segregate of a bigger plot to shame his (Buhari)’s predecessor.

Efforts to tell with EFCC spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, were not successful, but a chief certified of the commission, discarded suggestions that the team was out on a witch hunt.

“We are not out on a witch hunt; we are not targeting everyone or family for a witch hunt; it is not just Mrs. Jonathan that is living being investigated. a lot of group are answering questions in a mixture of places.

“Those originate guilty will be exciting before a competent encourage of law; folks who grasp nil to keep back be supposed to contain no be alarmed about as we shall not victimise somebody that is innocent,” the spokesperson told BENZHUB, hunger anonymity.

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