— Samsung accidentally revealed it’s making a foldable phone called Galaxy X

Samsung may have accidentally revealed its plans to release a folding phone called the Galaxy X.

The South Korean tech firm has published a support page on its website relating to a gadget called the ‘SM-G888N0’.

Industry experts believe this page was uploaded by mistake and actually relates to an upcoming phone due for release at the CES show in Las Vegas in January.

According to Dutch site Lets Go Digital, the Samsung Galaxy X will be a flip-phone design fitted with two displays. One of these screens could be foldable, allowing it to flex and bend.

‘In addition to the Galaxy X foldable smartphone we believe Samsung may also work on a Galaxy foldable tablet,’ Let’s Go Digital wrote.

Samsung has already vowed to release a foldable smartphone next year and will probably be part of the Galaxy Note range.

Rumours about Samsung’s plans for a bendy phone have been circulating for months.

Earlier this year, it was suggested that it was planning to release a device codenamed ‘Foldable Valley’ which turns into a 7-inch tablet when unfolded. However, this gadget has not materialised yet, despite claims it would be released in August.

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