Those who use Telegram app would be familiar with this feature called “Admin Super Powers“. WhatsApp has brought a lot of features recently and another most wanted feature is coming soon.

These are the functions of the Admin Super Power:

The Power: The feature will allow the main administrator to have control over other admins. WhatsApp will prevent the group creator from being deleted by other administrators.

Subject Subject Modifications: Most-wanted, administrators will be able to choose if participants or other admins will be able to modify the group’s description, icon, and subject. Once enabled that only admin can edit the subject, icon and description, a notification would appear notifying that only admins are eligible to change the settings.

Restriction in Groups: This feature will allow admin to disable the chat. That means, users will only read messages but won’t be able to send group text messages, images, videos, GIfs, documents, voice messages or even starting a new live location. Meanwhile, while the group chat is disabled, a message will appear telling that “only admin can send messages in this group”. The settings of this feature can only be altered after 72 hours.

However, the feature roll out date has no specific time frame but was reported to come out around 2018.

What do you think about this new feature, cool or rubbish please kindly drop your comments benzhub cares for you thanks

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