In connection with the controversial picture  on social media on Tuesday of a Youth corps member, who turned her trouser to skirt, Nigerians have been quick to reacting.

while some thinks her action was right, others feel she should be punished for it.

Some of the reactions are:

Adesimbo Oluwasusi, backing up his point with a picture of Sweden Police in skirt, he said:

“If female officers can wear skirts, why can’t “youth corper” wear one. The important thing is that modified attire does not interfere with her responsibilities and she is comfortable. We worry too much about other people’ headache o! Na wa!”

Lawan Ajimi

“See hypocrisy of Nigerian just imagine recently a one Muslim girl deny her to call to bar just because she wear hijab 🧕 but when this girl change her trouser to skirt they started compare her with Sweden police skirt”

Yinka Afe

“NYSC should by now develop strict (printed) rules, give to 400Levels across institutions, if you concur, you sign before collecting a call up. After this process, if you get there to alter the rules and regulations, you’re fired. The same goes for the Law School. It’s indiscipline to alter the rules you’ve agreed to uphold”

Benny Odhomi 

“She should be decamped as she has violated the dress code! Every religion forbids disobedience of constituted authorities.”

Israel I-sax Adeyanju

 “NYSC uniform is a paramilitary uniform and not religious uniform. We really need to stop these religious hypocrisy. The problem with us in this country is that we lack discipline. We don’t respect the authority. We always want to justify irregularities.  This is a great sign of failure on the part of our religious leaders.”

Efe Obibi

” She should be given a robust exemption certificate if she can’t comply to the set down practice of the board.”

Ogboji Ikwuta 

“funny though but its her choice… I think d main reason why it all comes in trouser is bcus it makes you look smart and active at all times.”

Orlarwoying Newton D’or

“It’s a stupid choice.. She’s gonna engage with another of work out in the camp and skirt won’t be appropriate..”

Abimbola Omolara Asegbeloyin

“You can’t choose what to wear on camp ground, there is a uniform that everyone must comply with. She just want to be disobedient”

Idara Udo-inyang 

“So putting on a skirt makes her more of a Christian than every other person huh?…. I feel disgusted when people try to mix religion and law. You’re meant to put on a trouser for the rigorous exercises you’d undergo. You can still cover all parts of your body, from your head to your toe and still go to hell!!!!!”

Engr Suleiman Mora Zakariya 

“Nothing wrong about it. After all the most discipline organization (armed forces) that train them also have skirt as part of their dressing regulations. So bravo to her.”

Igwilo Noble Ngozi

“Is her choice to make but i do belive d NYSC board has got some do’s and dont moreover d trouser of a thing is due to the numerous activities which involves stretching d legs like jogging climbing and lots more. Nw she has turned it to skirit dats simply exempting herself from most activities in d camp.”

Olayinka Gbenga

“she is supposed to be sent out of the camp for this. it’s disobedience to constituted authority. Is a skirt part of the NYSC uniform?”

Olushola Ogunmodede 

“It’s a sin for you, if u don’t obey the law that guide an organization. Help me to tell her that she is a siner.”

Mpi Kenneth Chinaka 

“Nigerians and the spirit of destruction,they will soon destroy the beauty and respect of this program.”

Mcox Otobo 

“All Corps member are addressed as gentlemen Corps member. She should be decamped instantly.”

Hussaini M Labbo 

“What wrong with this outfit. ? Do what is right and leave what’s legal .

What do you think?

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