Philippe Coutinho.

Now that the dust has settled on Philippe Coutinho's move to Barcelona, both sides can get some perspective.

For Liverpool, they can put the whole transfer saga behind them and they are £142 million richer.

For Barcelona, they have gained a world-class playmaker to complement their embarrassing amount of attacking riches.

It was a deal that was bound to happen sooner or later and once Coutinho had his heart set on a move to the Nou Camp, it was best for both parties to make it happen.

Barca legend Lionel Messi hardly needs any more firepower. The Argentine superstar has 26 goals and 11 assists in just 31 games this season and he has made Neymar a very distant memory in Catalonia.

Still, Messi is now joined by the tricky Coutinho and the former Liverpool man has spoken about what it is like to train with his idols.

"Andres [Iniesta] is a genius, and anyone who plays with him will make them better," Coutinho added. "I am enjoying my time together with him and also with Leo [Messi], for me they are idols.

"It seems incredible, but everyday Messi gets better, and as a teammate I can only take advantage of my moments with him.

"I've learned a lot from everyone and I've tried to take advantage of everything they taught me."

It's hard to believe that Messi can somehow get better, but few would dispute Coutinho's claims either with his rampant form this season.

Coutinho finally got his wish to move to Barcelona in the January transfer window and he says the reason he wanted the move so much was the opportunity to win major titles.

"Everyone knows that I wanted to come to Barcelona," the playmaker told Fora de Joc on Catalan channel 8tv. "It wasn't possible in the summer, but we worked so that it could be done in winter.

"I really want to win big titles, it was one of the reasons that made me sign for the club. I want to win as many as I can, I don't have preferences."

Coutinho has made four appearances for Barca thus far and has failed to register a goal or an assist yet.

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