From your question i am am inferring that you believe Ousmane Dembele is a bad player and pulling their team down as a whole.

Yes he is no Neymar, but he truly is one of the best young talents in the world, and his price tag agrees to that. At only 20 years old, the young winger is fast, skillful and provides attackers in the box with killer passes and crosses. By no means is he the best winger Barca could have bought, perhaps Coutinho of Liverpool or Hazard from Chelsea would have been a better buy, but Dembele is one for the future. Many fans already believe he will soon be a Ballon d’Or contender so by no means will a player of his quality be holding Barcelona back in the attacking areas.

Prasenjit Dutta

21w ago

You have got the question wrong which clearly indicates you are a dembele hater , barca hater or a plastic fan who was in awe of MSN

You should be asking , “How good will be barca as a team with the addition of dembele ?”

Ok , now coming to the answer ,

Neymar's departure has been a blessing in disguise for Blaugrana . No doubt he is one the best players in the world and of course better than Dembele but you will get it when i end up .

Last year Barca had poor performance which even hindered messi to score more despite his 51 goals in the season. The things that changed this year was the signing of Nelson Semedo and Dembele and I won't forget to add Gerard Deulofeu. Semedo is a beast . After we lost Alves we suffered a lot at the RB position reason being Roberto isn't a professional RB .He doesn't attack much and his defensive abilities are not at par .No offense to him , he is a versatile player but he needs to play at CM which he ia good at and the manager should play him at that position . With addition of semedo the RB position has been sorted out , he being more of an attacking player can use up his sheer pace to move forward and pass it to dembele or cross it to other side.With the departure of Neymar , the good thing has been Alba is giving his best , he has pace and likes to speed up things and requires space on the left side . People don't ubderstand what actually changed is that , neymar being on the left wing didn't provide much space to Alba to attack quickly and neymar likes to take his own time to dribble and pass it to Messi. Since neymar's departure, left wing is handled by Alba and passing has been increased between Alba and iniesta , with that being said iniesta has been doing good in midfield being back at what he does the best and Messi supporting him at the false 9 and he has the freedom to attack whenever finds it possible .

Coming to Dembele , he has been quite expensive addition to the team but he is someone who the team wanted too , Valverde is playing him the RW has been great. The thing that lies behind this is he can play equally good with both his feet and has sheer pace to counter So being in the right wing he is perfectly someone who can give a cross to suarez or messi or someone on the left side or if required he can even dribble past the defenders and shoot from the right side itself , so this might create difficulties for opponents.Deulofeu is great for same reason.

Valverde as the manager has brought back the glimpse of Guardiola ,although not the same but similar.This season the passing has been increased and pressing has been noticed and bringing back Messi at false 9 which creates confusion in minds of defenders whetjer to go forward or to stay back and wait .

Denis is being underrated , he needs to tested.He is a good player and paulinho is just like typical brazilians , aggression in his blood .He is someone from who can score goals .

The only thing now to be done is to hope for suarez to get his form back and hope for rakitic to play like he did against espanyol ,for the entire season.

We don't have the best squad in the world though but its pretty much good enough to win titles if used perfectly.I hope this will be a good season for us .

PS- I am not a Neymar hater , I admire him too.

Scott Whyte

studies at Hilton College (2019)

21w ago

Barcelona are a great team and will struggle without dembele but they should be okay.He hasn't really become a key player as of yet and if Messi carries on with his form they should be okay.Barca’s greatest problem is the lack of depth and will have to play someone out of position or Denis SuarezThey are currently playing well but its to soon to say but I would expect them to struggle

Sat Corby

21w ago

James Cook Ródenas

Half American + Half Spaniard = 100% Lost

21w ago

Barcelona can be a good team with ANY current player in the squad, on the field. This same idea applies to other big clubs, none are guaranteed titles and such.

Dembele? Is a good player. Why can’t they do well with or without him?

Still early season to evaluate any club. So far though, Barcelona is doing just fine. And Dembele has barely played at all, though hoping he recovers well and fast. :)

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