The international Starboy, Wizkid recently joined the league
of celebrities who go shirtless to flaunt their bodies on the media but ended
up getting many thumbs down after the girls got disappointed when they couldn’t
find any 6-packs.

Wizzy had just acquired a new tattoo and wanted all his fans
to see it. So he took to one of his
social media platforms to sample a photo of himself without any shirt on, thus
putting his fleshy upper region on display. Though his tommy was nothing near to being a pot belly, not even a slight
resemblance of biceps could be spotted on the singer's

This took the attention away from the tattoo he intended to
put on display to his “bicepless” belly which seemed to turn many slay-queens
off. But then again, no matter how turned off they got by the singer’s
unattractive body, his money didn’t let them write him off, as many female fans
admitted to being readily available to get laid by him.

However, there were these other sets of fans who were happy
to see that he’s gaining flesh since his
health had become a major concern to them, given his marijuana smoking habits.
In all, Wizkid got a new tattoo but only a few
noticed it.

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