The introduction of Mbape is still possible!” Spain’s “Aspen” pointed out in the latest report that if the big Paris was punished by the UEFA for violating the “Economic Fairness Competition Act,” they would not be able to buy Mbape. Real Madrid has the opportunity to introduce the star. Real Madrid President Florentino held 300 million euros but did not move, it is likely to wait for Mbape.

“Aspen” revealed that UEFA is about to make a decision, Real Madrid is also waiting for this decision. Greater Paris may be punished for violating the Economic Fair Play Act. Next Monday, Big Paris will have to buy Mbape, which means paying 180 million euros to the Monaco club, which will break the two limits of UEFA: the salary limit of players and the balance between income and expenditure. Such punishment will push Mbape to Real Madrid.

“Aspen” believes that in the case that the Serie A and Premier League transfer markets have been closed, now only Real Madrid in Europe has the ability to introduce Mbabe, and Florentino has also prepared sufficient funds.

“Aspen” revealed that according to the contract between Grand Paris and Monaco, Mbape’s rental period will expire next Monday, UEFA will solve the problems related to Greater Paris before August 30, Real Madrid on August 31 There have been opportunities to introduce Mbabe before.

UEFA resumed its investigation of the account of Greater Paris in July and just suspended the investigation a month ago. Spanish professional football league president Tevas said: “It is true that at the beginning of the summer, we once again asked UEFA to re-investigate Paris Saint-Germain.”

The UEFA Committee, chaired by former Portuguese prosecutor Jose Cunha, has the power to sanction PSG. They had already punished AC Milan before. If Big Paris can’t make a quota of 90 million euros, they will not be able to sign in, and if Big Paris can’t buy Mbabe, then he will become Real Madrid’s number one target.

Before the big Paris cost 222 million euros to introduce Neymar, it was already “red light”. Because of this, they introduced Mbape on loan, and now they have to pay 180 million euros to transfer or send the players back to Monaco. The UEFA Fair Plays Act stipulates that clubs that do not meet the requirements “cannot register new players in the UEFA competition”. If Mbape changes from a lease to a transfer, PSG may violate the rules.

“Aspen” revealed that Florentino is waiting for an opportunity. He does not want to offend Big Paris. Because of this, he did not directly dig Neymar and Mbape, but if Mbape left Paris, he returned to Monaco. That is another matter. Real Madrid’s No. 7 jersey has been worn by no one, perhaps this jersey is for Mbappe.

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